The Great Giving, an interactive installation that offers the perfect holiday gift, a donation to the Salvation Army.

Holiday gift giving includes spending a large amount on ancillary gifts – lower-price-point items purchased for acquaintances, extended family members and coworkers. Marrying the excitement and anticipation of traditional gift purchasing and giving with the goodness of charitable donations to creates the perfect ancillary gift – a donation to The Salvation Army. And the perfect opportunity to drive donations at the holidays.



Charitable donations as gifts are slowly trending upward. However, as a gift, they lack the magic of a traditional purchased and wrapped item. The Great Giving creates an interactive shopping installation that brings the magic of traditional gift giving to charitable donations.


Gift givers shop shelves packed with giftable donation options in the form of empty gift tins. Inside, each empty tin contains a unique code and instructions for finding out what the seemingly empty tin contains. Gift givers may discover what’s in each tin by entering the code at the installation’s tablet station. Once selected, gift givers keep the gift tin (a physical representation of the donation) and gift it to their intended recipient. Gift receivers may then enter the tin’s code online. Each code reveals how The Salvation Army will use the gifted donation to help a person in need from providing a meal or funding an after-school homework program to giving shelter to the homeless or elderly.

SA Tin Can OverheadV2.png

Gift Tin


Drawing inspiration from holiday markets and the classic holiday collectible, miniature Victorian villages, the installation mixes winter-themed whimsy with Victorian architecture and modern fixtures.

Come winter time, Walmart’s large garden centers become largely unused space, housing a few spillover displays of holiday décor items and live Christmas trees. The installation leverages The Salvation Army’s partnership with Walmart to take advantage of this underutilized floor space and help drive foot traffic to Walmart’s overlooked holiday section.


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A festive print campaign drives home the message of giving gifts for good and leads would-be shoppers to the in-store installation.