In theory, road trips are romantic. In reality, they are boring, farty and lonely. Stuckey's, a chain of convenience stores, is here to provide a little roadside distraction and old-fashioned candy.



Along highways, sequential billboards lead up to Stuckey's locations.


Stuckey's Instant Friend, a companion for the lone traveler or those bored with their car mates. Sound activated, inflatable Instant Friends talk back with prerecorded responses, sounding like a true best friend. When presented at a Stuckey's location, Instant Friends act as a rewards card, unlocking Stuckey's perks and special prerecorded responses.

From the mouths of Instant Friends:

Lenticular packaging.

Eight Instant Friends to choose from, including special edition Pelvis and Dolly. 

Vending machines at highway rest areas and hotel convenience spots dispense Stuckey's Instant Friends.