Who needs nutrition dense meals that don't require refrigeration? Backpackers, hikers and back country outdoorsmen with little more than jerky and peanuts for reliable protein sources. Smoked seafood mixed with super foods gives outdoor enthusiasts the proper nutrition to stay away longer. 




Salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna mix with black beans, avocado, chia seeds and others for dense nutrition in a small pouch.


Plant-based cellulose and wildflower seed paper make a compostable package that can be buried versus packed out. Buried pouches will sprout into a patch of wildflowers 14 to 21 days later.


Part artificial intelligence, part human, Otto manages basic tasks while backpackers are away. From sending gifts and birthday cards to picking up dry cleaning or watering plants, Otto makes staying away longer easier. Interface allows users to set away dates, add tasks to lists and provide permission for expenses.


Wild Planet bear-proof bags and canisters wait for backpackers in shelters along thru trails, such as the Appalachian or Pacific Crest. Bags contain Wild Planet Meals and essentials to help backpackers replenish and keep going.